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Why to join the military of the Northernmost Territory of the Conch Republic:

In 2007, the Upper Keys (Key Largo, Tavernier & Islamorada) set out to celebrate the Conch Republic to commemorate the actions of
1982. The goal was to entertain both locals and visitors coming to the area, and in doing so, support our local economy. The South insisted we had no right to do so and that the rights to anything Conch Republic belonged to them exclusively. Much diplomacy was practiced and many negotiations were attempted to no avail. The South insisted on what amounted to be "Unfair Taxation Without Representation." As a result of legalities and time constraints, "Conch Republic Days" was cancelled.

In 2009 another peaceful attempt was made for the North to celebrate our history. And again, the demands of the South amounted
to "Unfair Taxation Without Representation" for the North. This time, the North would not be dictated to from the South. As a result, "The Northernmost Territories of the Conch Republic" was officially created. This territory has a southern boundary at the Channel 5 Bridge (Mile Marker 72) to the Last Chance Saloon at Florida City for its northern boundary. We have fought hard and have been threatened in return. The South has threatened to bomb us with stale Cuban bread from one of their airplanes in their military force. The North, militarily defenseless, has been forced to file a legitimate lawsuit and create a military force to counter the one from the South. Henceforth, we now have The Conch Republic Military of the Northernmost Territories. The Military Headquarters of the North (The Octagon, named for the shape of its building) is based at MM 99.5, Bayside Grille in Key Largo. Our docks host the navy of the North, while our Northernmost Bar is home base for planning of land based battles. An air force soon to come.

On Feb 4th, 2009, our case has started going through the Monroe County courts. As of this date, our case has not been heard. As a result of all the action, threats and tyranny, in April of 2009, the Upper Keys seceded from the Conch Republic to our south. Thus began our celebration of Independence with the burning of the flag and the installation of a new flag.

On April 17, 2009, all efforts were exhausted and our "Proclamation of Secession" and "Declaration of War" were read to the
public. This day in infamy is now known as….

"Northernmost Independence Day"

It is absolutely necessary to build a military force to counter the South! All forms of transportation, no matter how creative or
disfunctional, will be necessary to fight this force that has had many years to build. Your car, boat, bicycle, surfboard, jet ski, airplane,
helicopter, roller skates, and even yourself are absolutely necessary to have a chance. Registration "Decals" are free at military headquarters. Register your decal number at this site and stay up to date on all happenings & events in the North. A massive land battle is in the planning stages, so be ready to be called to duty.

Join us now!

Help unite and defend "The Northernmost Territory of the Conch Republic"!


Commander of the Northernmost Territories of the Conch Republic

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